mercoledì, gennaio 05, 2005

piccola saffo di Rivoli centro;

ho conosciuto una ragazza lesbica
faceva degli ottimi spaghetti con salmone e vodka
le sue relazioni non erano meno incasinate delle mie
la sua auto profumava di mela
sono tutte scuse
voi cercate
i nuovi ebrei
non aspettate altro che
solidi legami per mantenervi forti

Umberto Bossi /
Bossi Umberto
Umberto Bossi /
Bossi Umberto
Umberto Bossi /
Bossi Umberto
Umberto Bossi /
Borghezio /
Bossi Umberto
Umberto Bossi /
Bossi Umberto /
il Pontida Reich
Umberto Bossi /
Bossi Umberto
Buchanan's and Pratt's Christian-based anti-gay bigotry also draws them toward the fascist right. Christian Identity leader "Reverend" Pete Peters, with whom Pratt has repeatedly associated himself, is a major ideological spokesperson of Christian bigotry against gays. He wrote a book (dedicated to his "friend the Colonel," Bo Gritz, former Populist presidential candidate), called The Death Penalty for Homosexuals, Prescribed in the Bible. Peters was found liable for violating fair election practices laws after putting money raised by his "church" into an anti-gay electoral campaign in support of a Colorado state proposition. As in Oregon and Nevada, such anti-gay organizing has led to violence. Ruth Williams, a psychotherapist who had displayed a pro-gay rights bumper sticker on her car during the campaign, was beaten unconscious in her office. Crosses were cut in her skin and Christian slogans spraypainted on the office walls, which was ransacked. The head librarian at Colorado College, who had displayed a "Vote No on 2" placard in his yard, had his tires slashed, windows smashed a shot fired into his car. A book seller involved with the Citizens Project, a main group opposing the anti-gay initiative, had his business repeatedly vandalized. As in Oregon, cars with pro-gay rights bumper stickers were run off the road. In one Colorado case, the driver of the other vehicle held up a sign reading "Lesbo" at the woman he had forced off I-25. Practically everyone who wrote letters to the editor of local papers opposing the anti-gay initiative received harassing, anti-gay calls, sometimes death threats.

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